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Tim, folks around here love the Mavericks... I have about 4 other digitals of a different make (I've had them for a while but when they die I am definitely going to get a Maverick).  As for the probes, I drilled 2 small holes in the side of my MF, dead center just below the level of the right side handle.  I can run several probes throw those 2 holes.  I de-burred the holes after drilling and that was it....



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Thanks Salt....I think I'll be ordering up a Maverick.  And thanks for the advice on the hole location too!!!


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The first thing to definitely check with this model is the door thermometer. It is definitely junk.


If that isn't the problem, I also read somewhere else on this site for a MF unit that low temps could be from the safety mechanism on the regulator if the valve on the lp tank is opened too fast or if the burner is left open when the tank valve is opened. If the thermometer isn't the issue, that is an easy thing to check just by making sure the burner is off and opening the lp valve slowly.

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yes i am going by the door thermo...i tried again today with the vents just barely open and i opened the tank slowly but same thing needle barely moved...i guess i need to get a new thermo and put it inside and try again otherwise i love the smoker...

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Has anyone ever tried putting a thick insulation on the outside possibly to protect from the wind?

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which stove gasket kit should i get the 3/8 or 5/8 since its only a dollar difference for the master forge double door smoker...also about the new thermo for the smoker is it possible to get a wireless digital one and maybe drill a hole in the smoker and mount the gauge inside the smoker and just leave it in there to watch the temp...if that makes sense...if not what do yall recommend getting to replace the factory gauge...or any other mods are fully welcome love to hear them...thanks so much guys for all the help its very much appreciated...

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Hey texasman, you definitely want the 3/8", not the 5/8"... the 5/8 is going to be too thick and prevent the door from closing.  Here's a vid I found way back when I was looking to buy my MF... you can fast forward to 6:40 to see the gasket kit Lowe's sells and the guy show's one way to install it later in the vid.


As for you question about a digital wireless...yes you can drill a hole in the side of the smoker to slip the probe(s) through.  That's what I've done (see my post up above).  I actually run at minimum 2 probes, one to monitor the chamber temp and one to monitor the product(s) being smoked, their internal temp(s).  For the probe monitoring the chamber temp, you can cut a potato in half and stick the probe through it - with the point free and clear of the potato- and then set the potato on the same grate as the product you're smoking.  This will give you the best reading as to what the actual temp is at meat/product level.  I also run another probe for each piece of meat I'm smoking.  I usually don't insert the probe into the meat until it's been in the hot smoker for at least an hour.  This prevents the probe from pushing any bacteria on the meat surface into the core of the meat... that is a bad thing....


If you want to put a decent analog in the door - for a sanity check thermo - I've done the same thing.  I installed a commercial Ashcroft but a lot of guys recommend the Tel-Tru.  They make several different sizes...,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&biw=1680&bih=879&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=12915018916075773442&sa=X&ei=NutHT5vgEefk0QGEtu2CDg&ved=0CHMQ8wIwAA



Hope this helps.




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I think Master Forge is missing the boat by not offering a cover for this smoker.......found this one by KitchenAid at Lowes (item# 361300) yesterday and it fits pretty good. Tim


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I've got a maverick em-73 it has a probe for the smoker temp as well as one for the food, and is wireless, I left a space in the added door gasket for the cables.

As for a cover search amazon for a Bosmere C765 Large Chimenea Cover 30-Inch Diameter x 50-Inch High, i got one for this smoker and it fits near perfect, its a little long, but other then that it covers everything.

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Thanks 53, I think I'm happy with this cover from Lowes and that's a GREAT idea to leave a gap in the gasket for the thermometer drilling holes in the smoker cabinet if I don't have to.


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Like the new one, just got it.  Thermometer is junk.  Hooked up a digital one and getting 210 in high winds today. 


I have oak coal and lp today to get that temp.  I also pulled the water pan towards the door, so that there would be a bigger gap at the back, temp went up a bit.


First time using it, so going to read more forums...great forum guys....keep up the good work.



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I have this same model and am new to smoking, I am having a heck of a time regulating my temp, it is so up and down. I covered the outside of the unit with a fire blanket and that helped stabilize things, but don't feel very comfortable with that.  Door thermometer is terrible, from reading here, it appears it was built to fail.  I notice a loss of a lot of heat and smoke around the doors.  I read someone said something about a gasket? Where could a person, me, find one of those. Also, is there a way to insulate this better?  It is pretty thin steel, so I feel I may be losing temp there.  I could be wrong and any pointers would help.   Am experiencing many of the same issues, chips burning up way to fast, lot of heat on the perimeter of the unit and cooler in the middle.  I smoked my first small brisket last weekend and it turned out OK.  I used Jeff's rub, really good rub, but the brisket was a little tougher than I wanted. 

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Hi waterman and welcome to the forum.
I have the same unit and love it. Check a fireplace store for some rope gasket for the doors. The bottom vents on this unit are fairly useless since you get plenty of air through the bottom of the unit. Mine were loose fitting I took them off bent the tabs all the way over and put them on backwards and it sealed them up tight. I use sand in the water pan instead of water it helps hold a steadier temp and you don't have to keep refilling on a overnight smoke. I took a sawsall to the waterpan and cut a half in off of the front and back lips to help heat reach the smoke chamber better. The pan is too large for this unit in my opinion. Since I have done these mods my unit runs much more efficiently. I would also invest in a dual probe therm such as the maverick et732. The factory gage is junk.

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I have the same smoker and have put a 1/2" flat door seal on it that I bought at home hardware in canada. I tried the 3/8" rope seal but it was too big and was stressing the welds on the door latch. Use red high heat silicon to secure it to the smoker and clean the smoker survace with lacqure thiner before applying. I can get upto 400 deg with th water pan not installed but when I add the pan with water the max is 275, so obvously the pan is the problem so I would suggest drilling the 1/2" holes in the pans front and back edges. I too am looking for a nice fitting cover, I see Landmann has some that look like they would fit , has anyone bought one  that fits  and what is the model number of the cover. Here is a link to there website.

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So I got this smoker about 2 years ago now and am doing alright with it stock what are some suggested mods I should make I would love to get more serious with this smoker
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The fireplace gasket is key to making the unit a bit more air tight. I tend to replace mine almost every year since it will eventually fall off. I changed the stock thermometer with a better one I got off eBay but I also use a dual probe digital one that can measure chamber heat as well as product temperature. I find I usually have a 10-15 degree difference between the two.

As for the poster who complained about going through chips too fast, I find chips are better wrapped in foil packs on gas Bbqs; I only ever use chunks in this unit; about three or four good sized chunks every 40-60 minutes when I am doing shoulder works for me.
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