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Been working on this for a couple weeks almost finished,will post more when finished,3'x3'x6'P1010209.JPGP1010209.JPGP1010210.JPGP1010211.JPG

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Very nice job!
Looks very similar to my dad's smokehouse.

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Wow! Very nice. What it is lined with, aluminium or is it stainless steel? What are you planning on using for a heat source?

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Nice looking build

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That is a great looking build 

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Looks-Great.gif How can you not get great things from that................good luck

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Im jealous! That will bring you some great smokes.

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thanks  everyone,the smoker is lined with aluminum ,andpropane for heat,amps for smoke,doing 11.5 lbs of jerky in the am for her maiden voyage.

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Be sure to post Qview of the final product and the beer-drinking waiting for it!  (Isn't that called waiting for it... and you... to "bloom"?)!

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 Kaveman, that is looking FINE. More details please when you post your first smoke. I'm wondering about your    heat source. Is that IR?




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Perfect size ! Nice.

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you know your a smokin junky when you see a new smoker and  think ...... i want that!!!!  they also say home is where the heart is ..... you sir have a SUBMITbeautiful homedrool.gif

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I want one !!!!  That looks wonderful .

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Great job! I'm planning on builing one that big this summer. You have a great design.

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Have you ran it yet? How good does the glass door hold in heat? I have a fridge I am working on that has a glass door and people are worried that it will let out a lot of heat. Just curious if you have done a test run yet?

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Very nice!!!

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first smoke in new smokerP10102191.jpgP10102191.jpgP10102551.jpgP10102211.jpgP10102581.jpg

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That is sweet! I want one!

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Very nice!

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Very Cool!

Looks like a great `st smoke too!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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