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Hello boys and girls!

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Have been very busy since Xmas. Just thought I would stop by and say hi! I'm planning on making 25 lbs of kielbasa this weekend.

I'm also going to make a 10 lb kielbasa lunchmeat. I have a few 4 7/8 inch fibrous casings here and when it's done, off to the slicer it will go.That's going to make some great sandwiches! I will be smoking on Sunday and loading photos then too!

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Hello! Can't wait to see the kielbasa and the kielbasa luncheon meat as I have never made it but will soon...popcorn.gif


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HI welcome back.. Can't wait to see some Qview sausage.gif

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awaiting that Qview


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We'll be here waiting for the results. pepsi.gif110.gif

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