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Smoking meatloaf on WSM?

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Looking for some advice.  Those that use the Weber Smokey Mtn vertical water smoker; when smoking a meatloaf in the WSM, do you prefer the use of water in the bottom pan, or look for a dryer smoke with no water in the pan?  Thanks

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I never use water in the pan of my WSM. I always use play sand covered in foil. Works just as good & is much easier to clean up.

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LOL.... ask two chefs get two differant answers....


I use water in my pan unless I am doing chicken and want a hot fast smoke. But unlike Al I live in a very moist climate so sand would absorb a ton of water from the air when the smoker wasn't running, that would suck up all the heat from my fire, with water I add HOT tap water so my WSM gets up to temp fairly quickly.

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I have always used water in the pan. I am going to try out the sand as it definitely helped in my LPG smoker

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No water in my pan

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