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Peppered Canadian Bacon the easy way, w/ Q-view

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Picked up a nice loin at Sam's a couple of weeks ago for some Canadian Bacon. I cut it in half, trimmed off the fat & put it in a liquid brine for 14 days. I also injected it with the brine because it was about 3 inches thick. I like to use the big 2.5 gallon zipper bags. I bleed all the air out & they fit in the veggie drawer in our extra fridge. No need to turn them over or anything just leave them alone for 2 weeks.


The brine I used is this.

1 gallon of water 

3 level tablespoons of cure #1 

1 cu pickling salt

2 cups raw sugar 

When I took them out of the brine I rinsed them off & soaked them in fresh water for 4 hours.

Dried them off & put them into the fridge on a cooling rack uncovered to dry out for 24 hours.


Here's what they looked like when I took them out of the fridge.



Can. bacon 2-4-12 1.JPG



I have never tried CB with a pepper coating, but we sure like peppered BBB, so why not give it a try. We coated them with EVOO then dusted them with CBP.



Can. bacon 2-4-12 2.JPG



Into the WSM with a mix of oak, hickory, & pecan. Set the Guru to 225 & let her go.



Can. bacon 2-4-12 3.JPG



I replaced the factory lid therm with a tel tru therm & it is spot on. I have the Guru set at 225 & the tel tru is sitting right on 225. I know what your thinking! Why worry about the lid therm when you have a Guru. I just wanted to be able to double check the temps. If they are not the same then I know either the Guru probe is bad or the tel tru is not working properly. It's just a back up. For some reason since the guru flashes on & off rapidly when the fan is running I couldn't get a photo with all the numbers in it at once, so here's a couple of pics showing the temps.



Can. bacon 2-4-12 4.JPG



Can. bacon 2-4-12 5.JPG



One was a little smaller than the other & it hit 145 in 5:20, the larger one took 6 hours even to hit 145. Let them rest on the counter for an hour, then I wrapped them in saran wrap and put them into the fridge overnight. In the morning I put them in the freezer for a couple of hours to get them nice & stiff for slicing.Here they are right off the smoker.



Can. bacon 2-4-12 6.JPG



Before they met the slicer we sliced off a couple of slices for breakfast.



Can. bacon 2-4-12 7.JPG



Fried up some eggs & had a nice breakfast. We really liked the pepper coating. This will be the way we do CB from now on.



Can. bacon 2-4-12 8.JPG



I didn't take any photo's of the slicing & bagging, but we ended up with a mess of CB. I gave some to our neighbors on both sides & across the street, who were over smelling the smoke & wanted to know what today's special was. We still have enough to last for weeks. My freezers are full & were only a few months away from hurricane season. I have to get a generator this year. Thanks for looking! I hoped you enjoyed it as much as we did!





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looks great Al

I think I will do a little pepper coating on my next batch

cant have too much pepper on your breakfast eggs!

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Looks tasty!

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Al, that looks good !
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I was looking for a use for the Pork Loins that seem to always be on sale up here...This looks like the way to go...JJ

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I love me some pepper bacon, no matter what kind!

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Al this is a great bacon.and with b pepper bet it taste great .

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Al, that looks so good, I love the Canadian Bacon with Sunny side up eggs and lots of pepper, that is exactly how I would fix it. YOU are the man!


Another thing to put on my list to make.







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Atta Boy Al... I'll be over for breakfast soon... that looks really good

I also have a generator for "The Season" I wired my breaker box with a plug (220v) and plug the Gen right into it... Turn the main breaker off so no feedback and also turn off BIG appliances (A/C, water heater, stove);;; Leave on my fridge and well and I'm all set (as long as we don't run out of gas).. LOL... I'll still have tv and internet too (as long as phones don't go out)... If I need to I can plug the camper into it and have A/C for sleeping...
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Excellent as always, Al!


For those on a budget, the sirloin end of the pork loin works well, too.  Very lean yet moist if handled right.  Sometimes available on sale for less than $2 per pound.  We use the boneless roasts.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Al, having only made Canadian Bacon smoked in my MES, how do you feel about the "charcoal flavor" from cooking in your WSM?

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Originally Posted by billebouy View Post

Al, having only made Canadian Bacon smoked in my MES, how do you feel about the "charcoal flavor" from cooking in your WSM?


I like the flavor of food cooked over charcoal. That being said the difference between CB made in a MES & CB made in a WSM is very minimal. I doubt anyone would tell the difference if you made one in each smoker then had them sample them. If your using Todd's pellet smoker in your MES the flavor is hard to beat.

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Now I'm hungry....Looks lots of pepper on my eggs too...

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 Al, that looks so good, I have to try that one of these days.  




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Great looking bacon, Al!  Great job!  I'm going to give that one a try for sure.



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Thanks for all the nice comments guys!

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