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A 5.5# butt on MES40 Sunday

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 The wife picked up a small butt at the store so I figured it was time for some pulled pork.

I rubbed it with a combination of T.C.'s Creole seasoning, Head Country and brown sugar.




 Into the smoker with hickory in the AMNPS @ 230. It took about 6 hrs to hit 165 I.T.

Plopped it in the pan with about 1/2 cup apple juice, covered with foil and waited for 195.




 We were starving when it got done so we attacked it without thinking about pictures. I'm so

bad at remembering that. I'm lucky to remember to plug the smoker in. Anyway we pigged out

and after dinner it dawned on me I hadn't taken an "after" shot so I rolled it over in the pan so you can't see how much we ate. LOL

 Here is what it looked like closer up (Bear view without the Bear).




 I was very pleased with the outcome. Awesome flavor. Looking forward to trying some of the things I've seen on here lately.

 Thanks for looking.




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Boy it really looks tender & juicy Chuck! Nice job!

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Looks really juicy and tasty.

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 Al and Husker, thanks for the comments.




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Yum, nice and juicy!


I love my MES.


Have fun!



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hey stovebolt , what did the TOTAL cook time end up being ? it looks great, got some nice looking bark . i love my MES 30

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Looks great
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 Thanks guys. The total cook time was right at 8 hours due to it's small size. The last several I did were anywhere from 12 to 14 hours. I think the brown sugar helped the bark. I plan to up the sugar content next time and see what I think of the results. I use Head Country Championship seasoning on nearly everything. I really like it .

 The Tony Chachere's Creole seasoning is another great tasting item, but it can get a bit spicey for some people. These two combined had a great flavor.




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