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Wings Not Crispy Enough

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Absolutely NAILED my Super Bowl babybacks (3 hours in the smoker @ 225-240, 2 hours foiled in the oven @ 225, 15 minutes to finish 'em up on the grill), but was really disappointed in the WINGS.


They LOOKED great, and were throughly cooked, and had a nice, smokey flavor. 


Photo Feb 05, 4 30 24 PM.jpg


The rub (kosher salt, black pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, paprika and chili powder):


Photo Feb 05, 1 50 02 PM.jpg


didn't impact as much of a spicy taste as I would have liked, but the biggest disappointment was that the skin -- while a nice, golden color -- just wasn't CRISPY.  Kind of elastic-y.  And this despite tossing them in a little olive oil (and the rub) before putting them in the smoker:


Photo Feb 05, 1 55 37 PM.jpg


Did I just not grill them long enough at the end?  I did about 1 hour 15 minutes in the smoker at 225-240 (just put 'em in when I took the ribs OUT).  Or is 225-240 not hot enough for wings in the smoker?


Like I said, very disappointing.  The ribs were done, so I didn't want to burn them on the grill, so I took them and the wings off.  And, for the record, I DID, as I say, NAIL the ribs:


Photo Feb 05, 6 30 29 PM.jpg


Photo Feb 05, 6 25 27 PM.jpg


Any advice would be appreciated.  Thinking of taking the leftover wings and throwing 'em on the grill tonite for maybe 15 minutes, to crisp 'em up.






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My experience is for chicken of any kind you need higher temps to get the skin crispy.  Lower temps like you had can result in skin that is too rubbery.  Another option I've seen is to crisp up the skin under the oven broiler or on the grill before serving.


Good luck,




And the ribs do look great!

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Food looks like awesome and Big Andy nailed it.   You have to finish them off on the grill ( High heat), broiler or a great twist deep fry them.

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Never tried deep-frying after smoking, but I've read about it.  And I DID run out of propane, juuuuust as the ribs were coming off, so if I want to crisp these up tonite for leftovers, I'm looking at either the broiler or the Fry Daddy! 

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We just put them on a hot gas grill for a few minutes on each side to get the skin crispy.

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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

We just put them on a hot gas grill for a few minutes on each side to get the skin crispy.

Beefies and Wings 124.jpg



Works goot !!!!

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I vote for deep fry them babies. Get the best from both worlds
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Everything looks tasty! As for the wings, I made some per here:

Deep frying was great but no smoke flavor at all (and I used mesquite). 

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Those vittles look mighty fine!

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Good lookin chow.  I like to deep fry wings after I pull them off the smoker to get them crispy ...then toss them in sauce.  A local cajun restaurant does them this way and has won local best wings a couple years in a row.  This is my rendition:



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Yep use the broiler or grill for crisping

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