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Superbowl Victory and Wings with Qview!

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I picked up some fresh wings and cut them up for the big game! My friend brought over his famous chili. He adds pepperoni to it, it is over the top! All hail the Gmen!



Rubbed them down with olive oil and Emerill's rib rub.




Going to smoke it with a combo of apple and plum wood. Threw in some Kingsford Hickory charcoal for added taste.




The set up for victory!




About an hour and a half in. After this pic I sauced them up with Sweet Baby Ray's and back on they went for another half hour or so.




The finished product! There was only 3 of us here and these lasted all of five minutes!




I hope you all enjoyed the game as much as I did. I am a lifelong Giants fan and have seen four Superbowl wins in my lifetime. A real treat!


The wings were out of this world, fall off the bone delish! Hope you enjoyed my post!

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I wasn't happy with the outcome of the game but congrats to you and your team. Great looking wings.

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Wings looks great !
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Great looking wings!


Giants baby! icon14.gif

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Awesome looking wings!!!

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Nice wings!

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Nice looking wingsLooks-Great.gif.

I admit I would have enjoyed the game much better if my Packers were there, however I said when they beat the packers they would take the whole enchilada. So I am somewhat happy with the outcome.

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Great looking wings!


Congrats on the win!


Good luck and good smoking.

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i think you are the winner you can eat the wings

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Very nice looking wings for sure... and congrats on the G-Men win!  Being a die hard Steeler fan... well... just wasn't our year....



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