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Root beer Ribs and Smoked wings

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had my own little super bowl party with just the wife and kids,


Did baby back ribs,

slathered in mustard then famous daves rib rub (usually make my own but had no time)

smoked at 250 on my MES 40, and did a 2.5-2-.40 method.

so during foiling i added vinegar but too much, and i needed some sweetener so i added root beer,


ribs came out PERFECT just enough pull from the bone but tender, and a REALLY good crust


i wouldn't use root beer again personally as i could taste it but my wife loved it, said it had a black licorice taste


ready for smoke






my fresh off the smoker pic failed to save, but i have the leftovers pic












also did chicken wings,

covered in olive oil and some honey

then some famous daves rib rub, garlic salt, and pepper

smoked right under the mes40 vent as its hotter than the rest of the smoker, @250 for 2 hours, took them out to crisp in the broiler and they had PERFECT skin.















BEST wings I have ever had, and the wife agreed, its one of those meals that made the 6 hours of smoking SOOO worth it.  

(although my MES 40 door fell off)



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Looking great!!!!!!

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Looks like the makings of a great party!!!  drool.gif

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Everything looks delicious!

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Great food, great company...who could ask for more! Sorry about the door and hope they stand behind it.

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Looks mighty tasty -  

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my two favorites

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Flanntastic , if you want a more Earthy taste , but sweet at the same time ; try Dr.Pepper insteadicon14.gif. it was a big deal in Waco , Tx  back in the 80's.drool.gif

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