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Super Bowl Pulled Pork

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I started this Saturday night @ 7:30 p.m. and it finished 15 ½ hours later on Sunday morning at 11:00 a.m..

MES 40 and the wood of choice was hickory. Smoker ran at 235° to 243° pretty steady the entire time.


First the pork. This is two 9 pounders from Sam's Club. I’m only cooking one for now.

PP 2-5-2012 015.JPG



Rubbed with Jeff's rub.

PP 2-5-2012 023.JPG



I took this photo at 5:30 a.m. Sunday morning. The temp reached 165° after

10 hours so I pulled it and wrapped it in foil. (Notice it plumped up like a football).


PP 2-5-2012 024.JPG


I pulled it at 165° and foiled. I brought the IT to ~203° and pulled it out of the smoker, wrapped in towels and placed in a cooler to rest for one hour.


Here's what it looked like after 15.5 hours plus another hour of resting.



PP 2-5-2012 025.JPG


After pulling it at 11:00 a.m. this morning I kept it foiled and put it in a cooler

with towels wrapping everything to let the meat and juices settle in. The

temperature actually raised another 5-8 degrees while “resting”.


PP 2-5-2012 026.JPG


The bone pulled out and was nearly perfectly dry. I should say it basically fell out.

It was HOT!


I made the Jeff's finishing sauce the night before to allow the ingredients to blend.(Sauce on left).

The two measuring cups are drippings.

We skim the small amount of oil off the top and put the rest in the frig. It

Turns into jello! Later we take a cube of the jello and place it on the meat

when we reheat the pork. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM GOOD!


PP 2-5-2012 031.JPG




Had to try it out!


PP 2-5-2012 033.JPG



Stay hungry my friends.

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Looks great!

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Definately does look great! I'm still waiting on mine. Put it in last night at 9:30pm, foiled at 165, and it should now finally be ready in to come out in a few more minutes. Can't wait! Was hoping to have it done before Super Bowl. Looks like about 20 hours total. Next time I'll start sooner.


But again, great job on yours! Man, I'm hungry...

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Awesome looking PP !  drool.gif

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Originally Posted by Johnnie Walker View Post

Awesome looking PP !  drool.gif

Thanks...would you believe I'm sipping Blue Label right now!

It's a special occasion.


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drool.gifMan that looks good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Looks great from here?


Good luck and good smoking.

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looks great...not so sure about the pickles

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Fantastic looking PP! Nice job!!

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Man that looks great I could eat that for  thanks Looks-Great.gif

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Originally Posted by Whittling Chip View Post

Thanks...would you believe I'm sipping Blue Label right now!

It's a special occasion.


Yep! I've had the Blue before. Pretty good stuff.


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That's some mighty fine looking PP. Good job!

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That PP LOOKS AWESOME !!!! drool.gif
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Looks excellent!!!!!drool.gif

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Don't browse this website on an empty stomach!!!! Nice job!

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very nice looking pork ya got thereLooks-Great.gif. Made me want a PP sammy and I just ate

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Great looking butt you have there.. bet it was tasty.. Have fun and Happy smoking

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My problem is I always get too focused on eating it, and forget to take pictures. I admire your restraint! icon14.gif

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