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That pastrami looks so good don't know how I missed it!!! I am going to put more pepper in my pastrami spices.  Beautiful piece of meat!!!!


Originally Posted by rsetina View Post

Wow! This is my first post here and the first post I viewed. I'm going to like it here. I love pastrami too and yours look very appetizing. 

Thanks for the comments guys...if you have not tried it you really should...


I took it to 185IT that way it was tender and did not fall apart...At that temp you really need to do a Toothpick test on it..You want it to slice real good and be very tender and not fall to pieces..


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I have a new weekend project for March!!  That is beautiful.  Roller, you are an inspiration.  


I Never thought of using a corned beef.  I will still brine my own eventually, but why not take advantage of sales.   What is the usual wood for smoking pastrami?  I always like to do it conventional for my first cook.

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Dang missed another good thread. That pastrami Looks-Great.gif

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Newbie here - how does one "corn" their own?  What cut, process, etc???  Thanks!

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Roller, myself and several others are curious on what type of wood you smoked that over? It has been asked several times in this thread but I do not see an answer. It looks awesome and I cannot wait to make some.

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Looks most excellent



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thanks for more great ideas,gonna try it,that was a fine lookin pastrami!


BTW,points were the sale item here this year.

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