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Devils on Horseback

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Warming up for the big game, I decided to whip up some quick appetizers -- my take on Devils on Horseback. A couple caveats, I forgot to take pics of them being made and I didn't have my good camera, so the pics aren;t as focused as they need to be.


My take on DoH are dates (seed removed obviously), stuffed with my maple breakfast sausage and then wrapped in bacon. Put them at 275 for about an hour till the sausage was done an the bacon crisp.


DOh 1Web.jpg



DoH 2Web.jpg



DoH 3Web.jpg



Nice and porky and sweet with a mild maple note. Lots of variations on these, might try a jalapeno sausage mixed with cream cheese for the filling.



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Those sure look good,  we don't get many dates that we can stuff like that but if I find them I'll have to give them a try

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Nice looking, gottta love those!

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Never had that combo before, it sounds & looks real good!

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I've made them with Chorizo and Cream Cheese but didn't Smoke them...Those look good!...JJ

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