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SuperBowl Smoked Turkey

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Super Bowl Bird.png


Brined and rubbed it and mixed up sliced apples ,neck,tail,wing tips,onions,carrots,celery,garlic,and some cheap table wine in the moister bowl,stuck a half of sliced orange and apple inside,

Cant wait to see the finished product.

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Looks like a great start!

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good start. I got one on right now . just about to post the Q-views.

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Gobble gobble..........................drool.gif



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Looking good icon14.gif

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How did it turn out?

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Awesome bird,I use the drippings from the moisture pan to make gravy


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Looks great! What did you use for brine? I have a friend who wants me to smoke a turkey breast for him, and I'm planning on using my chicken brine unless there is a different one for turkey. He means well but I know he'll be picky if it's not juicy enough. 


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I used the slaughter house brine recipe minus the bay leaves cause I didnt have any,I used worchester,garlic and onion powder,celery seed,salt,brown sugar and spring water and soaked it for two days,rinsed and patted dry then rubbed with magic dust and olive oil,get it under the skin real good,basted with butter and viniger,The moisture pan I added the neck,wing tips and rear end, sliced apples,celery,carrots,onion,half a bottle of homemade table wine and water,after bird was done I sucked the juice out of the moisture pan discarded veggies and apple and made gravey.Bird was realy moist,I left the bird rest for about 45 mins under foil.Everyone raved about how moist it was and it fell right off the bone. 

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Nice work. Looks crispy to me!


I just realized this is under "PORK" ? Funny looking pig biggrin.gif

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Looks-Great.gif but I agree funny looking pork you got therelaugh1.gif

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