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Saving raw rubbed ribs

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I rubbed down some ribs last night for the SB tonight. Now my wife not feeling well and we may cancel the party. Can I vacuum seal and freeze these for a later time?
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Yea go for it. They may not be quite as good if they were already frozen then thawed and then frozen again but it way better then having them go to waste. They sell commercially frozen ribs here that are already seasoned. Well now that I think about it they may be already cooked and everything and you just need to warm them up. I'm not sure on that as I have never had to buy any.

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I have done this before & you may even like them better. Vac sealing really pulls the flavor into the meat. I have bought a 3 pack at Sam's, taken the membrane off & rubbed them down & vac sealed them in individual packs & frozen them. It make it real easy if on the spur of the moment you want ribs. They can be quick thawed in water & put right in the smoker.

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Thanks for the confirmation. I saw in a TV show where this chef seasons then vacuum seals everything.

Good news is the wife is feeling well and the ribs are in the second leg of 3-2-1. Game on!
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Glad the wife is feeling better!

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Don't forget the qview 

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