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Brisket, Great Deal, Sandwiches Tomorrow!

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Recently moved to Raleigh area, so no surprise that I can get great pork cuts from butcher.  But briskets are mostly small flats.  Yesterday the Mrs. and I stop at Wally-mart (I don't normally shop there for groceries) and was shocked to see 4 packers cut briskets!  Then my eye popped out at a 10 lb one close to sale date for $2.02 lb.  No surprise, it just went on the smoker.  Looking forward to some great sandwiches tomorrow.  And a long smoke overnight with my Traeger makes it easy.


Happy smokin'...



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Nice score!  Great start!

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Well, it was done earlier than I expected.  It was nice and juicy and delicious!  I have so much left over, I put care package together and took it over to my neighbor which made me think:

"The best neighbors smoke"


Nice smoke ring and bark.


In case it isn't clear in the pic, I like a lotta slaw on my sandwich!


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WOW that's a great looking sammie! Awesome Bark on that brisket!

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That is one awesome looking sammie!


Keep up the good work!



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