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Bottleing Day of the first Batch. Eu' Beeeeet

bottle day 021.JPGbottle day 022.JPG

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bottle day 020.JPG

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Guys sorry for the sorry Q-VIEW this thing kick my ass, or maybe its the brewskeeee or it could be the VINO, or maybe both.

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and speaking of vino first batch of Shiraz. Been a ruff day at the vinyardIMG00394-20120204-1446.jpg

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Uuuu    bet                           Looks-Great.gif

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So how did that first batch turn out??

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IMG00541-20120501-1906.jpgIt turned out great. A summer ale. I have brewed a pilsner, hefenwiezen spelling prolly isn't correct on that one but. A german brown, an IPA and two of my own recipes. I bottle as well as keg. I have not tried the IPA yet its not quiet ready, just a few more days. I have made a merlot, shiraz and have a cabernet fermenting now. So far so good. I have had to start charging the friends they are killing me if you know what I mean.  Anyway its all good here.


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Looks awesome. I bet you will have some happy friends.
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Ya, they like coming over to the house for a few brewskies. I know the neighbors are starting to wonder what we are cooking in the garage if you know what I mean.

Here's to em beercheer.gif

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If I ever get to Wichita Falls I'll have to check out that homebrew. I was stationed there for a short time in the early 80s. Is the Fiesta Hotel still outside of Sheppard AFB?

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It has a new name but she is still there. The oh door is always open here i would love to pick you brain about some of this.

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