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Butt Day

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Waiting for rub.JPG

Another beautiful day in Michigan - hard to believe it is February 4th!!!  I thought I would take advantage of the nice weather and fire up the smoker today and get ready for the Superbowl tomorrow.  I am doing 4 butts and a are a couple of the butts waiting for the rub.





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Rub is on and ready for wrapping.....


Rub is on.JPG

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Wrapped and ready for the fridge............


Wrapped and ready.JPG

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On the smoker they go...........



Butt on the smoker.JPG

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ProV, afternoon... they look good.... Are we getting finished pics of this project ???  popcorn.gif

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Finished pics will be published when available!  I have 3 of them wrapped in foil but I have one that is way behind the others by 15 degrees.........funny how each piece of meat can cook differently.

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Your smoke is looking great - Looks like it is going to be tasty


I moved the thread from Roll Call over to Pork for you 

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Looks-Great.gif nice job. And yes every butt will cook a bit different. 

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Looks good so far! Looking forward to pulled pics drool.gif

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Looks great so far!

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