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Well, after all the goofy questions and hard work my UDS is currently on its seasoning run.  I am amazed at how fast it got to temp and locked in on the desired temp.  We'll see if that was just luck or if it hold true for the whole run.  I scored 2 12" thermometers at Walmart today for $5 each.  Hopefully they hold up and give consistent enough reading to run the drum on.  I'll post pictures as soon as I get them taken and uploaded.

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Sorry for the delay but here are the photos.  After doing a seasoning smoke I decided to make some pulled pork.  It came out pretty well but I think I will skip foiling until it reaches temp next time in order to get a better bark on the meat.  Still pretty good though!


Drum ready for sanding and painting

burnt drum.jpg


All painted and smoking

drum smoke.jpg


After about 4 hours in



Finished product




Learned quite a bit from this little experiment.  If I do another one I am going to make sure that every inch of old paint is off.  My high temp paint has started to rub off in a number of spots and even liquified a little in one where I know I left some old paint.  Still, I think it turned out great and look forward to many more smokes in the future.

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Very nice!!!!!!

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Nicely done!  Beautiful job on that!!!

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Looks-Great.gif both the drum and PP

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looks like successbeercheer.gif

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Looks great. Seems to work great too.

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Nice build! Your gonna love it!

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Get 'er dirty!  Great job!

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You and yours are going to love everything that comes out of  that..

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