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Oh Yeah!!! Pastrami N Hash!!!

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Now this is a breakfast to be reckoned with!!!!!


Pastrami N Hash 004.jpg


2 small potatoes

1 cup diced home made pastrami

1/4 chopped onion

Add a couple of Tablespoons of EVO

to the wok or fry pan



Pastrami N Hash 006.jpg


Fry mixture until starts to brown and add 2 eggs.


Pastrami N Hash 011.jpg


Cover with a lid until eggs reach desire doneness.


Pastrami N Hash 013.jpg



And this is a breakfast to be reckoned with!!!  Not for the faint of heart!!!


Pastrami N Hash 017.jpg



Pastrami I smoked about 7 days ago.


pastrami 013.JPG

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Hey thanks for the Q-view and I'd have a plate of that!

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Awesome job on the strami and I love the breakfast idea.  I'll have to give it a try.

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Nice !!!!! icon14.gif
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Excellent looking breakfast!


From the photo it looks like you are cutting the pastrami with the grain. 


It is much more tender if you cut it across the grain.

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I'm not sure I've ever had Pastami . . . good, bad or otherwise.  But I do love freshly shaved hash browns with diced onion and most other things that shock the senses awake in a breakfast dish.   I used to start my hash browns in a hot frying pan but now find the hot wok to be the better tool for fast flipping and fast cooking.  When I flip my family's breakfast on the plate I like to see the steam rising.. 


It's a great tool for cooking for two to four.  I hear it's also good for some oriental dishes as well.

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A breakfast fit for a king.

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I'll take a plate of that any day Looks-Great.gif

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This is a killer breakfast. i love good breakfast

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WOW - You got my attention.


That beats my bowl of frosted mini wheats all to hell!



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