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Got the smoker in today and put together. Meat is in the fridge with my rub on it. Going to start the coals at 8am tomorrow using the minion method. WIll do the pork butt first then the chicken since it will lake far less time to do the chicken.

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I sure hope your butt is smaller than mine (pun noted, but unintended)! I am still at it after a noon start... Happy smoking!
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Well the butt is on the smoker right now. WIll do the chicken later on in the smoke. I wish I did not pull something in my back because doing all this alone stinks!!!

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Wings are done smoking. Will deep fry for a minute to crisp them up.



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Nice! I'm pretty stubborn. I am not planning on trying to smoke anything but pork butt until I perfect it! I am super excited to move on to chicken soon. Do you brine yours first?
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I do not brine but I put my rub on the day before and let it sit in the fridge till ready. The rub is basically doing a dry sort of brine. Pork is still going...... On hour 7.5 for a 5.5lb butt

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