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WSM to SFB input...

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I just want a little info from anyone that's traded in a vertical bullet smoker and went to a side firebox smoker.  I'm actually using a Char-broiler double chef, no longer being made, but I learned to work that sucker like a champ.  Stable temps, easy to clean and maintain, 10-12 hours on one load of charcoal, easy on long/overnight cooks, and damn cheap for a first smoker.  I was looking to upgrade to a WSM 22 because most of the skills I have would readily transfer, but I would also like to have up to 1,000 sq inches of cooking area.  I have found a couple of good builders in the Houston area in the $1,000-1,300 range, and each one seems well built and would last my lifetime.  As far as operating, I'm just curious as to how much effort it takes to keep the temps stable using wood in a sfb, especially on longer smokes.  Is an overnight smoke possible/or even recommended with a sfb?  For the price, I was considering getting the WSM 22 and a guru or stoker and just baby that equipment and get as many years out of them as I can. 


I was looking at 20x30 smokers with a second half rack made by Klose , Pitts by JJ , and I also found this 18x32 reverse flow smoker made locally .


Any input is appreciated, thanks.



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I'm partial to the WSM's I turn out some real nice Q with not alot of fuss. There's my $0.02

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PM Oldschoolbbq...He has a nice SFB Stick Burner...JJ

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