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Thermapen is on sale

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Here is a Link I got mine a week ago and they sent me this today

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It's my understanding that the color of the pen makes no difference on response time, they are all the same. However I have recently seen info that contradicts this.  I'm hoping someone can clarify this for me. 

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The blue one I just got is the fastest one biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by Scarbelly View Post

The blue one I just got is the fastest one biggrin.gif

No way! The Pink one is the Fastest!!!!....JJhit.gif


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but red looks faster



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Red one is the fastest but they were out of them I had to settle for orange

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I put a pin strip on my Blue one its really fast now

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I have an orange one on the way .. When it gets here I will mod it with a 9v battery and make it three times as fast ! ....... LOL

Orange rocks!

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why must these go on sale when im broke. lol. they have purple and pink ones on amazon for i think 89 bucks.

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Just ordered one. Green and Pink were the only colors left, probably the fastest ones they have.

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Got my Green Thermapen this weekend! sausage.gif
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