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I was in Aspen visiting friends 2004 ,they were skiing ,I had to fill in daytime so I got a guide went fishing. I had never been anywhere that cold.Aspen not really my thing, locals were nice but the  tourists ...!

I dont want to gethijack2.gif grief but while we wait in different time zones to see what people have come up with this is a photo of a barramundi one of 150 we caught last trip to Coburg Peninsula 500 fish total between 8 guys best barra 105cm.Casting at snags with all sorts of lures including a lot of American tackle.They will take a fly.This guy was only 60cm.Great beer drinking country.I have the magazine article that our fearless leader got published.Let me know if it interestIMG_0160.JPGs you by pm & I will send it to you. We are going again October

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Thanks Todd and Lisa for putting up the prizes for the Feb throwdown. Looks like a great turnout. Hope all the members, old and new take the time to vote. 

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