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First Cheese

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Finally did this about a week ago.

Have been wanting to smoke some cheese for quite awhile. Did not have a smokehouse. Thanks to all the people on this forum and after reading about a gazzilion threads it made it a stress free process.


modified what I already had...




The local IGA had cheese on sale, we have: swiss, mozzarella, pepper jack, muenster, sharp cheddar, medium cheddar, cheddar jack and string cheese. On with apple pellets.




Smoked for 4 hours. Traeger ran about 178 deg on smoke, ambient was 37 - 39 degrees, and smoke chamber stayed about 46 - 49 deg. the whole time. thought about messing with the heat but I was getting good smoke so I just let it go. When I took them off they did not have a real good color, but thanks to what I have read, with the cold smoke temp I was not expecting any. Initial samples went fast! Good smoke flavor, not bitter, but sharp which I expect to mellow in the fridge (thanks again, no suprises). All in all a success. Next I will play more with the heat to work on the color. Update after they have aged for a couple of weeks.


Vacuum packed and ready for a rest.




More and better pics on next smoke.






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Great idea to pipe that over to your Weber!  Congrats!

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Awesome- great looking cheese 

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Welcome to the addiction!


Looks like some great cheese!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Great looking cheese and I love the ingenuity of your mod!

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Gotta love smoked cheese! It will tatste amazing after a 2 week rest in the fridge.

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Very innovative setup! Great looking cheese too!

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I like your set up it looks awesome and you'll like the cheeses too.

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cheese update! Finally broke them open, incredible! thank you all again for sharing your wisdom. While I was waiting for the cheese to bloom I got an AMNPS gonna be easier in the future.

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