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Looking for a Cut of Beef

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When I lived in Naples Fl. I came across a cut of beef that I cannot find here in MN. It might be called something else not sure.Nearest I could find out in FL. was that it was from the top of the rear hip. It is a cut from Uraguy or Argentina I beleave. loosly translated it was called (Pick-on -YA) I do not know how to spell it in spanish.

Thank you and hope you can help


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It's Picanha or top sirloin cap.

Make sure to ask for top sirloin cap and not just top sirloin.

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Thank you very much I thought that someone here would know. I used to cook it on my smoker and the market that I bought it at did not speak english very well but was a very good guy.

Again thank You I thought I would need to make a road trip


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This might be  little late but may be helpful to others; an animation on the top sirloin cap:

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