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New MES40

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Hey All, I just put my new MES40 together and am ready to do the "Pre-Season". It says to use wood chips but I only have pellets on hand. Any reason why they won't work or do I need to head to the store? I have a AMNPS so I won't be using the MES40 for anything but heating. Thanks.

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Why not just run the AMNPS for the final 45 minutes of the seasoning instead of wood chips?

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Why not run the AMNPS for the final 45 minutes instead of adding chips?  Seems like it would serve the same purpose. 


edit: oops double post

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Pellets will work.

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I think the real question is, what are you going to smoker AFTER it's seasoned? biggrin.gif

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Yea, what's your 1st smoke gonna be?



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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yes and we want pics!!

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Thanks all for the quick reply. I haven't gotten as far as what my first smoke will be as of yet. The AMNPS  (X-MAS gift) and the MES40 (bought 3 weeks ago) are were still in the boxes as of an hour ago. I finally have a few days off to get used to all of it. Thanks again for the info. I'll read the thread about taking and posting pics. Hopefully I can get that going also.

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