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Sopa de Ajo

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wow this is interesting in to the to do list.


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We have a Spanish Basque restaurant that serves something very similar.


They drizzle in the egg when cooking, something like an egg flower soup. Their bread is in a little larger chunks.


It is some times called Garlic Soup or Drunkard's Soup.


Absolutely one of my favorite soups!  Maybe my favorite?


Yours looks great!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Quite amazing! That gives me some ideas about poaching eggs in similar dishes/concoctions...pot.gif   Thanks for sharing it!

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I think that soup looks Awesome and your description and photograhy were BRILLIANT, one of the most captivating posts to date and definately Book Quality. I was taken on a trip to Spain as well and could swear I was smelling Garlic!...Great Job...JJ

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Very nicely done! That is going on the to do list for sure!

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Awesome post....77.gif Like taking a trip without the hassle of customs. I would love to try this soup it really looks Fantastic!!!! What a Great Q-View...Thank You for sharing!!!Beer.gif

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great post.. Thank you.... And great job

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Ron you never cease to amaze me with your posts. What a great world tour you took us on and this is going to go on the list - Thanks 

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Amazing.  It is definitely on my to do list.  Great writing and photography.

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I was at the Basque restaurant today for lunch.  Tuesday is the day for garlic soup when we are in luck at the boarders' table?  Today we were lucky.  Garlic soup, fried pigs feet, lamb stew, prime rib bones and beef steak.  One meal is food for a day at the Basque restaurant.  Of course, no beer or wine involved?  biggrin.gif


Your soup looks just as good as theirs!  Salud!


Good luck and good smoking.

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I've never been to the smokey plains of la mancha but after looking and reading your thread i think i might have been mistaken..........Great job............going on my ta-due list..........

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Absolutely stunning and I felt as though I had been transported there! I'll definitely have to give it a try but will be making for myself only...hubby not a huge garlic fan! Thank you for such a wonderful food journey! 

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