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Spatchcock turkey

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 Ok Guys. A littlle Help. About how long can i expect to smoke an 18 pound spatchcocked turkey and at what temp. Preparing turkey as we speak.


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We smoke poultry at 300-325, at that temp your spatchcocked turkey will take about 6 or 7 hours to get to 165 breast, 175 thigh.

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Thanks Al

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Hey nordo, here's some info that I hope helps and  doesn't confuse you, ...I smoked a spatchcocked 13# turkey for Christmas dinner in my WSM with a grate temp of 253°and  according to my Maverick it reached 167° in the breast in 2 1/2 hours!  I'll be waiting to see if you have the same results (incidentally I checked the Maverick before and after the smoke and it was right on, I also checked the turkey with my Thermapen and it showed the same temps).  I wrapped it in foil and into the cooler, it was delicious.



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I've not tried the Spatchcock Turkey, but like Gene said, It will cut your cook time considerably.



bring on the Qview

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How did it turn out?

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Sorry it took so long to get back to you Al. Had some issues. It came good but I thought the injected bird would have had more taste from the marinade. Also felt that the skin impedes the smoke from penetrating deep into the bird. Len
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Any Q-views ?
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There's no way a spatchcocked turkey will take 6-7 hours at 320-325* - roasting a whole 18 pounder doesn't even take that long.  In my experience, it should take you approximately 2 - 2 1/2 hours...tops.  Same rule applies for wiggling the leg joint easily when it's done. good luck!

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I have a 12.5 lb bird rubbed up and in the fridge to dry before the super bowl.

Thinking of keeping the heat around 275 on the smoker, what do we think a good cook time will look like?

I need to be out of the house from 2:45-5pm for a kids BBall game before the Super Bowl (east coast), so that's messing with things a bit.

If I bump the temp up, it looks like under 3 hours? Or do I put the bird in as I'm walking out the door at 2:45 sticking with a 275 degree smoker?

Here's the bird and the rub I used:

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Well, let's see how it goes. My Masterbuilt smoker got up to 310 after 20 min or so, added the wood and turkey at same time and turned the heat down a bit. Was at 242 when I walked at the door at 2:40pm.

Even if it climbs back up to 310, think I should be in good shape by the time we are home (should be no later than 5). Turkey was actually closer to 13 lbs before removing backbone.
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Got home early just at 2 hours on the smoker and it settled in at 266. Breast temp was 136, so raising it up a little to finish off in another 45 min or so. Looks good so far!

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