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Cold weather smoking question.

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I have a GOSM. I cleaned the screen to get a nice blue flame. I ran the smoker for 1 hour on the highest flame possible and the internal temp only reached about 290 degrees. The outside temp was about 40 degrees.


If I close down the 3 vents will that increase the internal temp?

What do you guys who live in cold parts of the country do to get a good smoking temp out of your smoker? 

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You want to keep the exhaust vent wide open. Some of the guys wrap the smoker in a welding blanket. Also some kind of wind break will help.

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First, check to make sure you have a mostly blue flame all around the ring.  You need to leave the bottom vents open but you can close the top vent to get a little higher heat (unless the tab is bent, you can't and should not close the top vent all the way.  If it is windy out, you need to provide a wind break.  A fire resistant material (welding blankets work fine) around one or more sides will help retain the heat - you can go all out and do an enclosure like I did for my GOSM - see pic below.


If you repeatedly have good temps for 20-40 minutes and then the temp dips dramatically, you may have a problem with the regulator and/or the tank.  I had problems in the cold with some tanks that worked fine for awhile but then iced (the inside) of the line and restricted the propane.


My GOSM with insulated cart - tested in 20 degree temp and ran for over an hour at 400 degrees.



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