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Sunday dinner chicken w/ Qview

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The wife wants me to smoke a turkey, so I thought some chicken was in order for practice.  Brined the quarters and breasts for about 18 hours.  The drummies were seasoned at the store, so I injected them with brine right before the smoke.  Used apple with a little hickory.  Smoked for 2 1/2 hr trying to get temp set around 250, and finished at about 325.  Everything came out good.  Soft and moist and just the right smokyness.  Leftovers got vac sealed and put in the freezer.  I like that, then you can cut a corner off the bag and throw it in the microwave for 3 minutes, and you got meat!


Goin in for the cookin...

raw chix.jpg



The finished product...

done chix.jpg



I think I should make a whole one with the beer can rack next time.  Then the turkey.

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looks good!!!

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Yes it looks good nice color 2

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Looks good from here!

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Looks great thumb1.gif


Bear Can Chicken is awesome !!

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Looks great nice job...

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Looks good and great color! Let us know how the turkey goes!

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