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Found a Meat Guy!

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Hi to everyone!,


I know it's been a year since I've been on here, but my whole life has moved up to New Jersey and I've been very busy with my new job, new house and my family


I just wanted to stop by and let everyone know that I'm back!  Might be slow to go forward, but at least I'm back in position to participate again,


I live in Paulsboro NJ now and for anyone who lives in or near my town (08066) I've just found the most AWESOME Pork guy!  It's a place called Haines Pork Shop in Mickleton NJ.  We just found it last weekend and I almost cried myself to sleep every night this past week knowing I'd have to wait until this weekend to go get some pork!  I wound up getting a fine hunk of pork shoulder which I'm busily smoking this very moment.


Glad to be back and just wanted to share a little piece of my new hometown!  Thanks and Happy Smokin'! 

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th_nopicsye3.gifgood to have you back.....

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Glad to hear your back with us!

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Jim, morning... Glad you are back...  Take pics of your recent smoke for us to see... Hope your new location is working well for you...



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