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It's another brisket !

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I just had to post since I used my new smoker last night. I recently recieved a Masterbuilt propane two door smoker this past week. I already have a Bradley, a homebuilt UDS & a Char-Broil gas/charcoal smoker. So why not another ?? I wanted a propane with two door option & this was readily available. A few nights ago, I bought a 7 lb flat that I cut in half to fit inside & prepped it with Carolina Treet & mesquite seasoning ... the same thing I did two weeks ago & just earlier this week for a butt. It's a very tastey combo & I just had to do it again. When I did my brisket two weeks ago, I started just after midnight & took it out of the Brad when it hit 190 at 3pm, then FTC'd it. I should have kept it in the smoker until an IT of 200.  Last night, with the smoker already seasoned & knowing how long things took beforehand, I started smoking at 830pm. Had I smoked before using propane, I would have known that would have been too early, but my UDS experience should have reminded me of that just the same. I did 3 hrs of hickory chunks. I did my best to keep the smoker temp @ 220-235, but there was so much fluctuation that I was constantly adjusting to combat the rise & fall of the temp.  As cold as it was, I dunno if that was the issue or it's just the smoker. I fell asleep @ 130am in my recliner with the dog in my lap & when I woke up at 250am, the Maverick was showing an IT of 169 & the smoker temp at 139, so perfect timing. I really wanted to sleep, so I pulled the meat & panned it with apple juice , covered it & stuck it in the oven, with the oven temp at 200 since I knew this was going to be done sooner than I wanted. I woke up at 8am with the IT at 200, which was my target temp. Perfect timing again ! I pulled the meat & FTC'd both pieces & in the cooler they went until 12p. I saved the juice in the pan for dipping sauce. The brisket was very tender when I pulled it out of the oven, so I was very excited. The aroma in the house added to all the more delight.

















    Now, for supper, I'm going to smoke mac & cheese for a great meal !



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It looks delicious! That will be a great meal with the mac & cheese!

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I hope it tasted as good as it looks.  Nice!  
I just finished eating my weekend brisket tonight. So I'm enjoying it with you.
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Looks great!


That bacon on top couldn't have hurt the effort?


Good luck and good smoking.

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That is a great looking meal and that Carolina Treat is amazing stuff 

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