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i am trying  out ac leggs teriyaki jerky seasoning for the first time


here are details of the  seasoning

weighs 20.25 oz

seasons 25 lb of meat

suggested  directions for use are: vacuum tumbler, add 18.75 oz of water, 1 oz legg cure and whole bag of seasoning tumble for 20 min.

i am doing 2lb 4 oz of meat so my calculations are

.090 oz cure

1.0125 oz seasoning

and  1.687 oz water(1/4 c)

my problem is  i overlooked the part about how much water to use and added the proper amounts of cure/seasoning to  2  cups of water  and put all in a zip lock bag. my fear is the meat wont take on a good marinade flavor  because of to much water???? any assistance or help would be great