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smoke vault 24

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Ok I just ordered the smoke vault 24! Now just waiting on the shipper.


That guy better hurry.



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Congrats on the new smoker

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OK fedex guy drop it in my driveway wen. just happen to find it.? wtf.

1.5 assembly  time

Burn it off for 3 hrs. and all is great .


Started to check temps way to hot compared to my rei chek 73.


Trying to find 225 for now( no fine control will work on that) .


Wife  said ribs this sat. So better get it on related to temp.

i turn it a fraction and change 35deg


I need that fine ajust regulator!. by the way I don't have permission to attach pic.????????????? or i would have.



qview this weekend if i am able




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Congrats on the new Smoker.   I have the very same one myself.  Looking forward to the Views of those ribs!  Use the Search feature for tutorials on how to post your views. 

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I have the same smoker too, it takes a little tinkering to get used to the temp knob, but once you figure it out it's a great smoker.

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ConGrats on the new Rig JT. and like most will tell you, your not suposed to try to adjust the burner flame hight when you have had a few Bushmills. The vapors just make the burner flame Higher and Hotter..Poof.!th_anim_burp.gif

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no peek n

You been peek n 

Ya must admit that Bushmills is hot stuff, stressin on ribs this weekend on new smoker , keep you posted




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That's one fine smoker.  I've had mine for years.  Unless they changed door thermometers, that one is adjustable.  Just do your boiling water test and adjust it accordingly.  Good luck and keep us posted.

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