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cerloin steak smoked

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well perhaps you don't want to hear this, i obtained some surloin steaks that were aged for 28 days, and then sat for too long in the shop.  i fried one in a pan and then in the oven, was not impressed -  it tasted slightly off, so i decided to smoke them with a pork rasher on top. the pork kept them moist and tastefull, yes and i did rub it with a dry rub before.


after 4 hours , the smoke couler was good enough for me and then placed them in my electric smoker, painted them with a sugary sauce, finished them off and enjoyed it, with a sore mouth unfortunately, I was at the dentist yesterday,....












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Sounds like you pulled it off :)

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Have fun and Happy smoking :)
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A real trooper.  Gnawing bones after dental work!  Good for you,  nice Q.

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Good luck tonight !!!!!

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Nice save!

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great idea

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Hi smokers, and i had an egg or so also added in ,think you can see in the foto, it turned out slightly difficult to shell, with very slight smoke flavour.  My sore tooth is still hassling me.

But today i cooked jam , mango jam ,I'm waiting to see if it will thicken. This ex distiller is better off staying busy.

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