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All night packer with Q view

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It's my daughter's birthday weekend plus it is my turn to have the kids and host her family party! Got a 11.25lb packer from Wally World and rubber her down. I see I missed the rub on the side, that is now fixed.


The sad thing is she is running a 101 degree at bedtime. She is a trooper though. Her request for her dinner tomorrow is a waffle & syrup fatty. You know Daddy can handle that! There will be lots of Qview so relax and drool while I fire up old Emerald.



Whoops how did that get in there? Go Gmen!



All rubbed up and out of the fridge for an hour or so. Going to fire up Emerald. Stay tuned!

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Looks great.  Happy birthday to your daughter.



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looking good

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Cant wait to see the finish brisket.......

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Looks-Great.gifpepsi.gif110.gif the results

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Got love all nighters!!!
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Great start!

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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

Great start!

X2 and i will wait popcorn.gif


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Wow, what a long night. This baby is now in the cooler resting a bit before I separate the point & flat.








Stay tuned for more!

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nice looking  brisket ! 

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Once you got past that ugly hat things started to improve biggrin.gif LOL  Happy Birthday to your daughter and the brisket is looking great  - 

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Fatty time. One bacon bomb for me boy and the waffle & syrup one for the birthday girl!










Cubed the point for burnt ends! All in the smoker now. Stand by!



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Great looking brisket and great looking hat. Go Giants.
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Great looking food and happy bday to your daughter. I like the giants but I think Eli manning is way over rated :)

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Have fun and Happy smoking :)
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Everything came out great!


Burnt ends were fantastic. As the family called them "meat candy"!




Bacon bomb fatty




Waffle & syrup fatty




Plated with Dutch's wicked beans.




Wait! where did the burnt ends go?! Luck I even got any!




I hope everyone enjoyed my post. Until next time folks!


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Looking mighty fine from this end.Burnt ends look great. Oh yeah go giants. Being from Indy its a little crazy here this week plus we got love for little Manning here.

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Everything looks great!

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Great job!  Thanks for posting it up!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Oh my! - Your making me hungry, and I just ate dinner!



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