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Chuckie Enchiladas?  I had no idea.  I've got to get myself a recipe.  Extra points for beautiful pics.



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Don't know what I like more: preparing the meat, smoking the meat or cutting it for presentation...............Oh heck I love all three.........


Of all the compliments I've won for great bbq, the most satisfying compliment was when my family served themselves seconds to the point where the roast was gone and the cook left hungry.  Lord knows, it doesn't always turn out that good, but when you really nail it . . . . oh you my, it is so special.

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dang namb it man that man that looks great

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Great pics! Chuckie Enchiladas, I love it!

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Congrats on a great smoke and follow on dishes. I bet they were tasty 

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Man those look great!!


What internal temp did you take them to and how long did it take? I'm going to have to give this a try soon!!

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Those enchildeas look wonderful.....Would love some of those!!!  I am smoking some pork ribs as we speak.  Marniated they in my special  sauce for 3 days.  So, so good.

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Toxie ...... I smoked till the temp hit 170. Foiled them and put them back it till the hit about 205. Then wrapped in towels and put them in the cooler for a couple hours. Then pulled them. Took about 4 1/2 hours. They weighed about 3 & 2 1/2 ponds.

Thanks everyone for the comments
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