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Great Tasting Ham!!!

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The local grocer had spiral cut bone in hams for sale so thought I would smoke one.  I had done one for my neighbor for Christmas, who raved about it, but had not done one for me and my family.  The family could not stop eating this one!!  The basic procedure for this was from a recipe by Jeff.


Apple Chips.JPG

Soaked Apple chips for several hours


Chip Pan 2.JPG

Added half the chips to several chunks of Hickory.  The other half of the chips were added at about two hours.




8 lb Spiral Cut, Bone In Ham, Mustard and Two Gray Hares Original Rub


Ham In smoker.JPG

Spread mustard all over the ham and put a layer of rub on top of the mustard, including the underneath portion.  The smoker was heated to 230 degrees.  During the last 30 minutes, I glazed the ham with a 1/3 BBQ Sauce and 1/4 cup honey mixture.


Finished Ham.JPG

The ham was removed when the temp hit 140 degrees.  This is what it looked like when it was removed.  Note I did not use the foil pan during the smoke.  I let it sit in the pan covered with foil for about 45 minutes. 


Ham Closeup Cut.JPG

A closeup view just before we all dug in to eat!!! 


What a great tasting, moist piece of meat!!  One of the best hams I have ever eaten.


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Great looking ham! I did almost the same thing last Sunday. A cheap spiral sliced ham that was on sale. Rubbed it with mustard and cherry rub and smoked it with cherry wood until 140 degrees. Glazed with honey and pure maple syrup the last thirty minutes. I wasn't expecting much but it was by far the best ham my family or I have ever tasted. 



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Great Job guys,


You took a cheap, so so ham and made it something delicious.   Bravo

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You did a good thing with the ham. Like Al said you took a la la ham and made it really good.

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WOW looks great..................drool.gif


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Great looking hams from both of you - I need to do another one of these 

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Looks delicious!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Nice job on the hamLooks-Great.gif

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Great job guys! They both look delicious!

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they look yummy great job points.gif

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looks like some good eats

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that some good looking ham. icon14.gif

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My thanks to SmokinAl. I used his recipe for the ham.

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