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Nephew's First Smoke - Q-View of course!

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Been a while since my last q-view post so I thought I would share…  Don’t worry, I’m still Rippin N’ Tearin!


So my Brother-in-law, Sister, and my 6-month old nephew were in town from St. Louis and while they were down, requested to taste some of my que.  All they’ve heard me talk about lately is ribs this…brisket that…keep in mind I’m definitely a newbie.  So when I got the request, of course I obliged!  So the request on the menu was nothing but pork baby!  Since there wasn’t too many of us, I bought two slabs of baby backs and the biggest butt I could find (I tend to like thosedrool.gifhehe).  Plus, we wanted to give my little nephew some smoke flavors so he craves it when he is a bit older…


Both ribs and butt were rubbed with a little bit of “this” and a little bit of “that”.  I was definitely going for a thick crust on the butt and decided not to foil.  Used some hickory and apple wood chunks for the smoke.  I probably put that fat butt on around 8pm once the UDS hovered around 225 degrees and went out for some beers and a night on the town; gotta love the drum!!!  Set it and forget it!


Thereafter…woke up feeling like my head had been stomped on by a marching band (see night on town comment above) and wrapped the butt once it hit 195-200.  Man look at that crust!!!  Ribs were treated the usual baby back way; 2-2-1 and were slathered in my homemade Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce.  Wish the ribs had a bit more pull back and fall off, but the flavor was there (not my best work).  I DID do make the SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce…where has that been my whole life!


All in all, great smoke and my nephews first taste of the “smoke”!  He got to suck on a bone


So..pretty sure the hangover was from this...and crap load of craft beers...



225 humming away all night!


Aint she purdy...



Rubbed and ready...



About 8 hours in...



How bout that bark!!!



The Ribs...



After 2 Hours...



Post foil...just after the sauce...



Time to Grub!!!




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Awesome! Looks like he did a great job!

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The food looks great and from the comments, it looks like Ole Smokey took a real shine to you along with the craft brothers biggrin.gif

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Oh man, that's some mighty fine looking grub you made there. Nice bark on the butt, too! drool.gif

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Man the ribs and PP look awesome!  Nice color and bark for sure!  icon14.gif



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Now the pork looks great and now you get to enjoy it too. 

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I'll have a helping of each, thank you! Man that sure looks good!

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Great looking ribs & PP!



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Thanks guys!  I also made some stuffed peppers with some of the PP and smoked those as well!  Unfortunately I didn't take any time. icon_cry.gif

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