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SMF is like having someone stand right next to you and teach you anything you want to know about smoking. You buy a smoker and get started! Your so excited! Then you think you didn't do something right or just are not sure. You go to the forum and post and all your friends and future friends start telling you what you need to do. Does it get any better than that? The only thing we can't do on here is taste each others food! Well with Q-view, we can see what it would taste like! Thanks SMF and all my new and future friends! Jeff.

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just got back from the smokin blues and barbeque competion in Hammond LA a guy can get a real case of pit envy from 60+ fine smoking rigs,noticed jambo pits outnumbered any other brands saw a couple of the teams from tv they were all very nice and had a great time

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Welcome from Slidell,  glad you decided to say hello.  When you get a chance why not run run over to the new member area and tell us a bit about yourself.


BTW I stopped at "The Joint" not far off Poland Ave by the Port of Embarcation and the Q was pretty darn good.  Probably the best in New Orleans.

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I live in Folsom LA and plan to go watch the state championship in Slidel next week hope to maybe see you there

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I'll keep that in mind,  not sure how next week is going to work for me yet.  Keep in touch!

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