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1st brisket attempt

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Received my 1st smoker for Xmas and this Saturday i will be attempting my 1st brisket.  The wife picked up a small 3 & change lbs flat.  my plan of attack is to inject and rub the meat Friday night and ziploc it into the fridge.  Saturday morning I will fire her up using a mix of hickory and apple chucks cook at 225 until the meat is 165ish, foil with about 1/4 to 1/2 a cup of the injection liquid added, and continue cooking up to 185 - 190.  Then towel and cooler for an hour or 2.  We are most likely going to make sandwiches with it.  


I am also stealing an idea I saw on here to put a pan of cut up onions, peppers, and shrooms with some apple juice under the meat to catch the drippings.  Then use that to add to the sandwiches.  Maybe add some potatoes to it too....


I've been reading that the flat can get dry so I am hoping the injection and foiling will prevent that.  Any changes anyone can offer up that i may have missed or needs to be added to the surgery?



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Sounds like you have a great plan. We usually take ours to 200-205, then rest them, but we like the brisket real tender.

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I put mine right in the pan. Sitting in the juice. When ready to foil just cover top of the pan
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Originally Posted by jrod62 View Post

I put mine right in the pan. Sitting in the juice. When ready to foil just cover top of the pan

  Good call jrod, especially with it being just the flat.


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If you are going for sandwiches then I would switch out the apple juice for beef broth and when you are done - let it cool and defat it then reduce it for an amazing dipping liquid. Get some crusty rolls and some provalone or swiss cheese. Might tasty  

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Thanks for the input.  If I do cook it in a pan do you fli it at all thru the smoke or do you let it ride the whole time on 1 side?

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You could flip it or not.  You are close to a smoked braise on this prep.


Keep your temp in the 225 range in the pit.  Take it to 200 to 205 as Al said.  Probe it with a tooth pick or a temp probe.  When the probe goes thru the meat like a hot knife thru butter, you are there.


Good luck and good smoking.

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