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First Smoked Brisket with QView!

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I am going to be smoking my first brisket this weekend (QVIEW to come), and I am looking for a good and simply sweet dry rub!  Any good suggestions would be awesome!  I don't want to get into to much spice yet since my two young kids will be eating this also.  Thanks for all the info and suggestions.



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Jeff has a real good one and you can always add more Brown sugar if it is not sweet enough...

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Here is a whole bunch of info on brisket rubs for you. I got them by typing brisket rubs in the search bar at the top

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We use a real simple rub. Coat with Worcestershire sauce then dust with Montreal Steak Seasoning.

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The first one I would recommend is Jeff's it's that good and worth every penny. Then if you want something else just open the spice drawer and start choosing some. If not then try my old faithful Old Bay and brown sugar.

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I think I had made a choice, I am going to use black pepper, paprika, oregano, totally wild bbq season, totally wild smoke season, sea salt, mild chili power, onion powder, garlic powder, and brown sugar.  What does everyone think?

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My dry rub contraption

.dry rub 1.jpg

The finished product!

dry rub 2.jpg

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