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Frostyballs cook 003.JPGHere's the beginning of the ordeal ;


Frostyballs cook 001.JPG


my prep table...


Frostyballs cook 002.JPG


a shot at onehour at probing...


Frostyballs cook 005.JPG


my new redichecks ( I finally know ow to use them...)


Frostyballs cook 004.JPG


and Me , ain't I prettyicon_eek.gif


More later when they say they'er done...pot.gif


Stay tuned to witness my endeavor...

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Great start Stan and yes your pretty!

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It looks like you have your work cut out for you, Stan. They're looking good so far! icon14.gif

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Good luck Stan - it is going to be a long night 

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Yep your pretty and so is that meat !!!

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Come here sweeetie XOOXOXO   KIss Kiss

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Your lovely and so is the meat!!! Gonna be a fun time!

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Looking good so far pepsi.gif110.gif the results.  Looks like ya need another cup of coffee. A very nice looking set up ya got there. 

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U need a recliner, old coon dog and a beer!!!!

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Looking good OldSchool! Both the meat and the gentleman behind the smirk!  Looks like a great cook so far.icon14.gif

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I'm sorry  , but I'm not a Gentleman , more like a crumudgen...biggrin.gif

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Looks like you are sleepy too.,, you must be feeding an army of folks. Sure looks nice on the pit.



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Looking good so far, nice beard btw

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Looking good Stan..............I'm having a hard time deciding which one is the prettiest th_dunno-1[1].gif


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Looking Good Stan!   Sounds Delicious! Should have givin me a jingle though...icon_cry.gif..could have saved you some change on that much of a purchase!....Just sayin! th_dunno-1[1].gif



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When i think old school you difinetly come to mind........Great looking start....

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Frostyballs 001.JPG


Thurs. night.....Frostyballs 003.JPG


Fall apart done...all wood ( with a gas start)...


Frostyballs 005.JPG




Frostyballs 006.JPG


Mavericks hold prefect...Frostyballs 007.JPG


and I ha360d to360 show my Flobiggrin.gif


See ya later, I gotta go stoke it some...


Later Tater.

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thats alot of happy pork right there. Cant wait to see more pics.
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Here's what I've been holding them at(or close). Today's been better than Yesterday , what with the rain and all , warmed up today and I got going at 10am. Herer's a shot of the Redicheck Twins:


Frostyballs 008.JPG


that's end to end on my Flo "Tejas2040CC"


See ya later with more...

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Wow that first batch looks great. Mouth watering good 

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