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Brisket in a cabinet style smoker

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Currently I have a Brinkmann Gourmet electric smoker and I love it. The problem is that I cannot fit a large brisket in it without cutting it in half which I will not do. I'm set on buying a propane smoker but all the cabinet style smokers I have seen look like they would also be to small for a large brisket. Am I incorrect, is there a model that would fit a large brisket? I'm leaning toward getting a offset horizontal smoker and converting it to propane but would prefer to buy a smoker that is already set to go.

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I have a Smoke Vault 24 & it will easily fit a full packer in it. It would probably hold 4 or 5 of them. The GOSM Big Block will hold them too. Both are propane.

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This is the Gasser I was looking at, but contact the factory and ask for their best price, they are in GA so shipping shouldn't be bad...Good Luck...JJ

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a masterbuilt extra wide(xl,40" etc etc) sold by bass pro shops, can fit a few of those.

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Great news, thanks guys. What are yalls thoughts on the Masterbuilt cabinet smokers?

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it is fine to use out of the box(place chips in tinfoil) or with some modifications.


here is a thread dedicated to mods:


this is my thread where I keep my list of mods.


bass proshops has it for 199 but you can catch it on sale for 179.



the other one chef jimmy J posted is pretty nice and has a few of the mods that use Masterbuilt people do.

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Will the masterbuilt fit a large brisket? I'm having problems finding the dimensions

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from the bass proshop web site:


cooker features a wide stance leg pattern for stability. Dimensions: 29.3''L x 22.4''W x 43.4''H. Smoking chamber dimensions: 23.36''W x 15.75''D x 35.76''H.  5.14 cubic feet of smoking space. Quick and easy push button ignition. Weight: 79.8 lbs.

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Awesome, thanks Dewetha and everyone else. I do believe I'm gonna get one of these next week.

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Here's one on Costco's website

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