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New way of Stuffing Sausage

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Now I'm not sure of how to do this so bare with me. I saw this show on Anthony Bourdain show No Reseravtions / Praque. I was amased as I think that you will be at this guys talent of stuffing sausages. Then this guy uses a touchpick looking thing to tie or close up the ends. Now forward to the 7:00 mark and watch this then close your mouth with your finger like I did.

I hope that you were able to see it.

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WOW Mark that is truly amazing. How does he get the casing open to stuff it. th_dunno-1[1].gif

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Wow! That was cool. Who's gonna try it????

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I saw that video a couple of months ago & it really is incredible. I have a hard time opening up the end of the casing to put it on the stuffer tube. I can't imagine how he opens it up & stuffs it like that.

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Wow thats incredible how they stuff by hand. And he ties them so fast you can't even see how he does it. Excuse me while I go tie my jaw back up!!!  eek.gif

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wow  th_sSc_jawdrop3.gif

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I watched the show the other day and thought it was freaking cool .
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Notice, his fingers never left his hands...WOW

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I seen this also.


I think somewhere i still have my plastic tube i used to stuff casings with.

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I actually saw that show when it aired, and I was amazed, but did you notice how thick the casing looked?

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