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Well, we Picked-up the Butts for the Party today. A good batch of fresh Butts 180# for $280 @ a Market in Elmore , Ohio.Good folksbiggrin.gif.


I am starting the cook in the morning around 7am ; anyone near wanting something to do and long-winded enough to keep my attention , is welcome to come by...Gibsonburg,Ohio , you'll see the smokedrool.gif.


I've got my new Mavericks Calibrated and the Rub made , so all I got to do is stay awake ; however they are fairly small cut , so the time will be reduced from say the 8#to10#ers. Bulk will not bother them as long as there is circulation , more is Mass and Mass is heat retention.


I'll get Q-view of the Rubbing and initial placement , but don't expect any more ; I keep the lid shut...I'll show 1st in and one hour later when the probe goes in... then it's a ride to the finish. Babysitting my Smoker from inside this time...biggrin.gif


I'll have 3 different cooks (no help or I'd do it all in one sitting...)so it's shift work.But it works well with Pork.


Q-view to come tomorrow yahoo.gif.


have fun and...

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Thats alot of butts! Can't wait to see em all finished.

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Good luck with 'em Old School!  I know you will do one fantastic job!

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I'm in popcorn.gif on second thought that is alot of 



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Looking forward to the qview 

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Sounds like you got it going Stan! Good luck!

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Well, here's the first load coming off :


Frostyballs 002.JPG


O.K. , I cheated a little and took the last 3 big ones to the oven for the last 1.5hrs. I couldn't handle the long wait , it's been a while since I did this much , but it will be done , two more shifts.


The bark on these were phenomenal. I got them on at 10am and pulled at 8pm.---10 hrs. and a bit for the big ones.


More tomorrow...

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Now thats a ton of butts and I'm sure they will be more then tastie too.

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I love the scale you operate on.As we say down here "Go big or go home".Im sure its a AAA grade meal,it always looks  awesome but the really wild bit for me is the price.I know you would get a deal on that amount but its still$1.55 a pound $3.30 a kg.Unheard of down here. I dont know what full wholesale would be but you could run all over town & its a town of 4 million + & never get it for less than $8 to 9 a kg retail.If you found it for less you would be suspicious as to it age or origin. OK  maybe $7 but you would be haggling with the chinese & paying cash.

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