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MAN I'm gonna try those!


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Originally Posted by sprky View Post

Interesting idea. I have only smoked peppers, onions, and taters.



 Bout it for me right there. Sometime corn.

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Pops.......thanks for the explaination of YAWYE. I wish the best for you and your family.

Now I have another question. I have been grilling for years and then about 5 years agon heard about smoking, and what a world that has opened up to me.

What I understand is grilling is hot and fast. Smoking is low and slow. I see here that several folks do veggies.........but for the life of me........I can't see low and slow on veggies

. IE: I do spuds, taters, potatoes on my grill. They are indirect heat.......but hotter'n a pistol grill temp, like 400d. Simular way of doing other veggies like brocolli, colflower, bell peppers............and even a peach. Anyway......I don't think I am smoking, I'm grilling.

Please clue me in if I'm wrong.

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I am primarily cold smoking the veggies then they can use them in the dishes they desire via the AMNPS, here's some pics!




AMNPS just a startin'... combination of corn cob and hickory pellets!






They picked out mixed vegetables from the produce dep't all in a couple packages; spread out on wire racks on trays.  Top tray is whole asparagus and sliced portabella mushrooms.





Trimmed ears of corn and fingerling potatoes!


Geive 'em 4 hours, they should have a good smoky flavor!

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I just let them smoke until the AMNPS ended and took them out this morning and bagged them up to mellow the flavors together - wow!  Great smoky flavors!  Left the stockinettes on to add the smoke into the ziplocs.  



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Ok, folks, AGAIN this proves why you MUST order an AMNPS for your smoker!  If I'd built a frame for the trays, I could have smoked these in a cardboard box - you don't even need a smoker to get great smoky flavor!  ZERO heat generated, 110% great smoky flavor!  One more great use of the AMNPS!



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Another Smoking Adventure By Pops!!!



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Thank you, Todd!  You make this all possible!


I will recommend to the people I did this for to cook them with light steam to just knock off the crispy if they want them heated; otherwise most all are delicious right out of the fridge with dip or sauce! 

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I have smoked apples, onions and Jalapenos for various recipes.










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Tubors , tubors smoke welldrool.gif

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I've done some onions. Kinda like whole garlic, just slice off the top & let it open like a blossom. Then I put butter, salt & pepper & its fantastic. Also done some cabbage where I cored out the center & put sausage in the middle & layer with some bacon on the outside.

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I do not smoke vegetables.....

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i have smoked a potato once. it smelled like it was smoked. I didn't really taste any smoke but it still was a good potato. the aroma was very robust while sitting on the plate. made the whole meal smell better :)

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One head Cauliflower

2C Miracle Whip

2T Mustard

Cayenne or hot sauce to taste

2C shredded cheddar


Lightly Core the cauliflower leaving the whole head intact and boil it whole until just tender.

Mix the mayo, mustard, and cayenne

Spread the mayo mix pressing some under the head and the rest over the head like you were icing a cake.

Mound the cheese on top

Place in smoker or oven until the cheese is melted down over the head

Slice like you would a pie

This looks as good as it tastes.

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