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Just wanted to thank all of you for your post on my smoker, know it’s not much but over here it’s a real treat. Over the years I’ve eaten a lot of what you would call exotic food. After a while you just stop asking what’s in it. As long as it’s not crawling off your plate but my wife (Lek) is the expert on that. That woman really enjoys some of the damndest stuff. Most of what I eat is pork or chicken. Local beef is really tuff and it’s hard to stuff a water buffalo in the smoker. If you buy farm grown pork it has a real sweet taste because they feed them bananas. Like most places here in SE Asia livestock raised is not to eat but for sale. Anything else that walks, crawls, flys or swims you can expect to see on your dinner plate. I really enjoy this site and thanks to a lot of help from other members I will be having some REAL FOOD.