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More AMAZIN Serice from Todd

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So I finally manned up & purchased the AMNPS for some cold smoking before we get back to the 120-130's here in AZ.


I ordered it on the 19th & had an e-mail confirmation before I could click off the website. I then had my new AMNPS within 48 hours. Now that's what I call speedy service.


Think I'm going to start with some cheese this weekend!!


Thanks Todd!!

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Todd is so fast I wonder if he is using Santa's sleigh sometimes 



Do yourself a favor and get some fresh water mozzarella for this smoke. You can eat it right after it cools rather than the two week wait

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I'm ordering one friday !!! Come on payday !!
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You'll be lovin that cheese!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Todd is definitely the man!!

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Yup Todd is for sure...................... TOP SHELF



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After reading some posts about using this, I went ahead and bought one yesterday as well. What the heck...biggrin.gif


Got the order confirmation and the tracking number yesterday afternoon. Top notch service!

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