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Smoked my first Pork Loin!!!

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I smoked a 6lb pork loin yesterday and it turned out amazing!  I inserted garlic cloves and then seasoned with Totally Wild BBQ and Smoke Seasoning, Sea Salt, and injected with some marinade.  I smoked the meat over white oak for right around 2 hours until the loin reached between 140 and 150 and then I wrapped it in foil until it was time to cut it up.  I turned out an awesome smoke ring and some great tasting pork!  Next meat, bring on the brisket!!!!

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Sounds great,  I'm surprised you go to that internal temp so quickly but congratulation on the smoke.  How about some Qview?


Oh, Welcome to the Forum!

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Why so surprised that I went to the internal temp so quickly and what is QView?

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Qview is the price of admission   We really like you to post pictures of the food you smoke, It inspires us to get off the couch and go smoke something!  Not required but it is appreciated.


What temps did you run in the smoke chamber when you did your pork loin?  We normally smoke at around 225 and I would expect anythiing over a couple of pounds takes more then 2 hours.   But since pork loin is so lean they do tend to cook faster.



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Al is right. A 6# roast would normally take several hours. Have you checked your thermometer for accuracy for you smoker temp?

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I would also say that yuou need to stop into Roll Call and introduce yourself and we can give you a nice SMF welcome. Then click on over o the E-course and it is free and will give yu the basics on smoking meat and things. Now photos (Qview) are a big part of this place for we are alot of old fat guys that just love to feed folks some good meats. Then we make alot of other things around here to like some of the best sausages, bacons that you will ever get the priveldge to taste and make. So run on and oh Welcome to SMF and:


Your New Addiction 

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I prefer the term  "Stout"

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I'm sorry Al He's Stout I'm Fat after eating steroids to breathe for monthes my weight has gone up about 50lbs or so. Just wait till you see me at the gathering. Bob (dersertlights) will be pulling me in behind his semi truck

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Yea, only problem is I don't have an excuse, except maybe this forum making me hungry all the time!  Breathing is pretty important, I just hope I can go the entire weekend without smoking a cig.  After SELA I couldn't breath for 3 weeks because I smoke so many cigarettes

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Well I had a hard time getting the temp to 225, but once I was able to get the temp up it went to around 300.  I then closed the dampner about half way and let it cook.  I may need to check the accuracy of my smoker box.  The smoker was a freebie that my buddy had.  He didn't have the patience to use the smoker so he gave it to me.  My smoker is a Brinkman Smoker Deluxe and so far I have been able to make some tasty food.  I have noticed whatever I smoke does seem to get done quicker then the recommended time.  What is the best way to test the accuracy of the gauge in the smoke box?

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Boiling Water or ice tests are the easiest 

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Are we dealing with a stock pit therm on a door here?


Good luck and good smoking.

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Venture, yes it is the stock therm on the door!

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The  factory therm is way off.

I would recommend this

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It will vary from unit to unit?


On my CGSP, the stock therm in the lid reads 175 when the actual temp at meat level on the grate is 250.


This is not uncommon.  Get some dependable probes and learn what is actually going on in your smoker.


I think you will be rewarded!  yahoo.gif


Good luck and good smoking.


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I'm glad it was tasty! Better check the temps though. Next thing ya know the wife will be looking at you funny cuz you take pictures of everything you cook! Qview is essential here so we can drool all over our keyboards!

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